Online seminar  /  September 15, 2022, 17:00-18:30 Uhr

The role of AI and ML in safety-critical systems in rail transport

Fraunhofer IKS invites to online seminar »The role of AI in railway«

This online seminar by Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS looks at the role that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) currently play in safety-critical systems in rail transport and what we can expect in the future - for example, in autonomous traction vehicles (automatic train operation) or in the field of autonomous maintenance of rail vehicles and rail infrastructure.


As external speakers we are proud to present Claus Bahlmann (Head of R&D Dep. AI, Siemens Mobility) and Gregor Schmid (Head of Project E-Check, Deutsche Bahn). They will give insights into current projects.

Chih-Hong Cheng (Head of Department Safety Assurance for AI, Fraunhofer IKS) will then talk about the potential of processing existing data and explain challenges at the research level.


Target audience: 

The seminar is aimed at interested developers and managers who are currently using AI in the railroad sector or plan to do so in the future. Prior knowledge or experience with specific artificial intelligence processes is not required.


Key topics:

  • Demonstrating the trustworthiness of AI methods in rail transport:
    How can AI processes be combined with the requirements and approval processes in the railroad environment? Which test methods and tools are suitable for demonstrating trustworthiness? 
  • The power of AI in rail transport:
    Why does automation in the rail sector need AI? What AI-based solutions already exist for this purpose? How is safe AI being developed for rail automation? What are the challenges involved?
  • AI use in train maintenance:
    What are the requirements for automated train maintenance? What new challenges are there for safety verification? How can the system be implemented in a technically safe manner?


17:00 Welcome & Intro Fraunhofer IKS Josef Jiru,
Fraunhofer IKS
17:10 The Power of AI & CV for Automation in Rail and its Challenges Claus Bahlmann, 
Siemens Mobility
17:30 Deutsche Bahn uses AI in the maintenance of trains Gregor Schmid & Patrick Goldschmidt,
Deutsche Bahn
17:50 From Running Demos to Safe Products - Research Challenges in AI Safety Chih-Hong Cheng,
Fraunhofer IKS
18:10 Panel Discussion & Open Questions