Benefits & culture – Welcome to Fraunhofer IKS in Munich

The Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS is a research institute located in the heart of Munich that conducts research into leading-edge fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), future mobility, medical technology and Industry 4.0.  We offer a diverse, creative and interdisciplinary work environment with innovative areas of responsibility, as well as a mix of challenging research and industry projects.

What makes working at Fraunhofer IKS so special

The best
working conditions

As a young Fraunhofer institute, we have not only set new thematic focuses but also continue to optimize our institutional structure. We promote independence, freedom and participation for all our employees – and not only in their research work.

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At Fraunhofer IKS, scientific relevance and societal relevance go hand in hand. We conduct cutting-edge research and enable our scientists to actively help shape the future.  


At Fraunhofer IKS, we conduct applied research together with partners from industry. Our scientists have the space they need to tackle new topics together with our project partners with a focus on solutions and highly innovative research.

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We place a high value on our employees. That’s why we create a working atmosphere that allows you to feel at home.

At the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS, we see people. Our feedback culture is based on mutual appreciation and concentrates on your personal development at Fraunhofer IKS. Whether at regular project and departmental meetings, annual employee performance reviews or elsewhere, we all have equal footing. Team spirit and open communications are also emphasized in our everyday work.

We do not take equal opportunity and diversity for granted, and that is demonstrated by the composition of our team: At Fraunhofer IKS, people from a wide range of nations work together to solve complex issues. We especially encourage women to apply and support women in research with our TALENTA program, for example. 

At the same time, we know that work-life balance does not only involve basic conditions such as flexible work and family-friendly policies: The work environment among colleagues is very important to us – we give you room to interact and have fun!

Flexible work

We should not have to state the obvious, but a good work-life balance is very important to us. Our working conditions help you strike a balance between your personal and professional life:

Working from home

For us, working from home is not just a tool for fighting the pandemic; it is part of our workplace culture. It goes without saying that you are allowed to work also from home.

Comp time and flextime

Overtime hours worked are not lost: You can take comp time off in addition to your standard 30 days of vacation entitlement. Our flextime system gives you flexibility in shaping your working day.


We operate under a 39-hour work week. However, all of our jobs can also be worked part-time, so you can adapt your work week to your individual needs and desires.

Working with family

We at Fraunhofer IKS are proud to be a family-friendly institute. We offer extensive options and support for balancing family and career:

Parent-child office

At Fraunhofer IKS, you and your children can use our parent-child office. It features a bed, a changing table and lots of toys. Alternatively, you can turn your own office into a child-friendly environment with our mobile parent-child office.

Accessible daycare

Most of our employees are able to find care for their children in the neighboring daycare center. To make this possible, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft cooperates with the daycare center operator.

Emergency care

Is your daycare center closed? And the grandparents are on vacation? We provide emergency care for children up to 12 years old for such cases. Your employer covers all associated costs.

Vacation care

Your 30 days of vacation will be used up at some point. That is why Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft offers vacation care in Munich for your children


Even during your parental leave, you will still be invited to team and institute events. When your parental leave is coming to a close, you and your manager discuss how your reintegration can be arranged.

Health care at work

We offer the following benefits to ensure that you stay healthy at work:

Company doctor

For international travel or free flu shots – Our company doctor is available to you on site when needed. 

Additional benefits

Because money is not everything, we also offer you the following additional benefits:


Your personal and professional development is important to us! With the IKS Academy, custom-tailored training programs and external courses, you can expand your skills and advance your career.

Company pension plan

The company pension plan at Fraunhofer IKS lets you relax and focus on making the future safer instead of worrying about your own.


To ease your daily commute, Fraunhofer IKS offers discounted tickets (Job-Ticket) for the Munich public transportation system.

Corporate benefits

You will also enjoy a wide variety of employee discounts.

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Gain practical, project-related experience while you study – as a student research assistant, while writing your thesis (bachelor, master) or during an internship.

Career starters

Conduct your own independent research in your very first job. At Fraunhofer IKS, we offer ideal conditions for you to get started in research.


As a scientist at Fraunhofer IKS, you will help actively shape a safer future. Take advantage of this opportunity and become part of our motivated research team!