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Benefits & culture – Welcome to the Fraunhofer IKS in Munich

The Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS is a research institute located in the heart of Munich that conducts research into leading-edge fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), connected mobility and Industry 4.0.  We offer a diverse, creative and interdisciplinary work environment with innovative areas of responsibility, as well as a mix of challenging research and industry projects.

We place a high value on our employees. That’s why we create a working atmosphere that allows you to feel at home.


At the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS, you have several options for your lunch break. If you like to have freshly-cooked meals every day, visit the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft cafeteria directly across the street from Fraunhofer ESK.  You can also buy sandwiches and other snacks from our catering service. Our kitchens, which are equipped with microwaves, stoves and ovens, are a convenient place to take a break and hang out with coworkers as well.

Children’s daycare during holidays

The school holidays are long, and those with children often don’t have enough vacation days. To keep you from having to worry about what to do with the kids while they are out of school, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft offers daycare programs during the school holiday periods.

Comp time

If you accumulate a few hours of overtime, this is not lost time. Apart from your regular 30 days of paid vacation, you can take comp time to offset any overtime

Equal opportunity & diversity

We don’t take equal opportunity and diversity for granted, and that’s demonstrated by the composition of our team. At the Fraunhofer IKS, people from a wide range of countries work together to solve complex issues. In addition, we always encourage women to apply, especially for research positions. Through the TALENTA program, we offer women excellent opportunities to personally plan their careers.


Feedback is important to us. For that reason, apart from regular department and project meetings, employee performance review meetings are held each year to discuss your personal career development at the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS.

Flex time

Need to come to work a little later – or leave early? No problem! Our core time is 9:30 am to 3:00 pm, Monday-Thursday, and 9:30 to 12:00 pm on Fridays. Outside of these core times, you have the flexibility to adapt your schedule to your own needs.

Health care

Your health is important to us. The proof is in our health management program, which supports you with suggestions, advice, concrete services and courses.

Home office

Is the furnace repairman due this morning? Is your child sick? Do your parents require care? It goes without saying, working from home is always an option.


To ease your daily commute, the Fraunhofer IKS offers discounted tickets (Job-Ticket) for the Munich public transportation system (MVV).

Let’s party!

Whether it’s a summer festival or year-end holiday party, we know how to celebrate! We look forward to having you at the next celebration.

Modern work environment

The Fraunhofer IKS offers a modern work environment and a pleasant atmosphere. Our Industry Labs are equipped with height-adjustable desks that you can use when available.


The Fraunhofer IKS is located in the heart of Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. That means a wide selection of cultural and leisure activities are close by, whether you love concerts, exploring museums, sports or spending an evening in a beer garden. As a large city, Munich offers everything you could ever want. And our close vicinity to the mountains affords us a view of the Alps from the institute on clear days.

Parent-child office

Child daycare can run into a snag from time to time. At the Fraunhofer IKS, you don’t have to worry. Simply bring your child to work. We have a fully-equipped parent-child office, complete with a bed, changing table and a lot of things to keep the little one occupied. As an alternative we offer a mobile parent-child office that can be used to quickly and easily transform your office into a child-friendly work environment. The parent-child office furthermore offers many possibilities for those returning to work after parental leave.

Part-time positions

We operate under a 39-hour work week. Part-time positions are also available that allow you adapt the work week to your individual needs and wishes.

Pension plan

With our pension plan, you can relax and focus on making the future safer instead of worrying about your own.

Personal development

To make sure you don’t feel like you are stuck on the treadmill, we offer a personal development program to help you get ahead, both personally and professionally. Through individual training measures tailored to your individual needs, you have the chance to systematically broaden your talents and skills, and as result advance your personal career planning.

Work-life balance

We actually shouldn’t have to state the obvious, but a proper work-life balance, between career and family, is important to us. With this in mind, we offer numerous options to help you reconcile your professional and private life: flex time, comp time, home office, part-time positions and much more.

Research associates

Launch your career in science at the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS and actively shape the future as part of our research team!


The Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS offers a wide range of career opportunities even while you pursue an education.


Still have questions? Then take a look at our FAQ’s or contact our human resources representatives Kirsten Plesch and Johana Fernandez.