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We focus our research on the validation of artificial intelligence for autonomous and distributed applications.

Services by the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS


Dependable Artificial Intelligence

Fraunhofer IKS makes artificial intelligence technology trustworthy and dependable.


Adaptive Software

Fraunhofer IKS makes embedded systems adaptive and extendable.


Safety Architectures for AI Systems

Fraunhofer IKS develops safety architectures for artificial intelligence technologies.


Fault-tolerant Embedded Platforms

Fraunhofer IKS develops fault-tolerant embedded systems.


Dependable Connected Systems

Fraunhofer IKS develops connected systems that are safe and dependable.


Flexible Production

Fraunhofer IKS makes sure your production systems are flexible and dependable.

Current topics


Noncontact health monitoring of infectious patient groups

Sensors can be used to monitor health data of infectious patients without contact. This minimizes the risk of infection for the nursing staff. Together with Airbus, the Fraunhofer IKS is testing an ear sensor to ensure that it is safe enough for use in hospitals.



Cloud-based systems face safety and efficiency challenges

The future will rely on widespread, massively-connected, highly-intelligent systems. To implement this vision, we need dependable cloud-based cyber-physical systems. Research in this direction encounters as many opportunities as challenges. Such systems exist in changing environments and interact with other systems and humans, which requires intelligence, autonomy, safety and adaptability – in fact, conflicting goals. An example of this is autonomous driving.


Artificial Intelligence / 25.6.2020

Why Safety Matters

Machine learning means a disruptive challenge for safety assurance. It’s therefore no surprise that AI safety has gained much more attention over the past few months. This article focuses on the basic understanding of what safety actually means. It highlights why it is so important to understand that safe AI has less to do with AI itself and much more to do with safety engineering.



Uncovering difficult situations for autonomous driving systems

Today, autonomous vehicles function reasonably well in test situations since the conditions are severely restricted and thus easy to manage. A key issue however is how to design autonomous vehicles so that they operate dependably even in complex and previously unknown situations. A solution from Fraunhofer IKS is helping to uncover and predict such difficult situations.

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