System Evaluation and Engineering

Systems are dynamic, constantly evolving with additional functionality and requirements. As they grow, however, they can become less efficient and more difficult to maintain. To counteract this, a longer-term strategy must be put in place to sustainably guide the evolution of systems. This includes the development of a successful data management approach.

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Challenge: Managing System Complexity

  • As a system grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage its complexity.
  • There is a risk that the interdependencies within the system will become too difficult to manage, affecting the ability to integrate new components and maintain the existing configuration.
  • If these issues are not addressed, the system will gradually become ineffective, negatively impacting an organization's performance.

Need: System Restructuring

  • In addition to carefully considering how to integrate new functionality into a system, it is ultimately necessary to restructure it to restore its cohesiveness.
  • A successful redesign requires a thorough evaluation and understanding of the current components, as well as a clear engineering vision for the new structure. This includes controlling, assessing, and potentially adapting the specific system requirements to reflect the new circumstances.
  • Without taking these factors into account, restructuring efforts may not pay off in the end.

Solution: Architectural Analysis and Strategy

There are two main phases to a successful system redesign. First, the current system architecture and structure must be analyzed to understand current bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Second, stakeholders must align their strategic vision for the system, including potential directions in which the system may evolve. With these two key pieces of information, the system can then be redesigned in the most beneficial way.

Our other core competencies

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When a system malfunctions or a required service is not provisioned in a timely manner, this can lead to human injuries or fatalities. To determine a system’s dependability, scientists at Fraunhofer IKS are developing an adaptive, dynamic and flexible safety analysis process that overcomes the limitations of current methods.



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Addressing the wide range of challenges in dependable cloud-based cyber-physical systems of systems (CPSoS) requires new approaches that are automated and efficient enough to shift some of the system’s elements to runtime. To design and evaluate the system architecture, Fraunhofer IKS has developed an iterative and automated process.