Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Digitalization and connectivity offer industry not only major opportunities, but also major challenges. The increasing degree of automation makes efficient, flexible and individual production environments possible in which the product maneuvers through the manufacturing process almost on its own. These transformations, often described as the fourth industrial revolution, are grouped in Germany under the term »Industry 4.0«. Several trends are associated with this development, including:

  • Flexible production approaches and batch sizes 1
  • Servitization and controls from the cloud
  • Increasing degree of connectivity and automation

With its open analysis platform DANA, the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS created a tool that permits a connected industrial system to be monitored as an entire entity. This extendable tool platform helps to monitor and optimize the interaction between embedded connected systems.

Real-time analyses save time and reduce costs by detecting communications and interaction behavior anomalies in industrial systems at runtime. Machine learning processes are also deployed in this environment. The internal state of cyber-physical systems are analyzed via traces, allowing the overall behavior of the system to be observed. That means the optimal maintenance timeframe for individual machines can be anticipated and planned accordingly, thus avoiding system downtime, a strategy also referred to as predictive maintenance. DANA thus features automated debugging, which compares the specification with the implementation and detects discrepancies.

DANA also makes it easier to install new components into an existing system through a so-called »Design Automation« process that takes place prior to commissioning. Using a digital model, the interactive behavior of the planned constellation is analyzed in advance

This comprehensive analysis of the interactive behavior of the system is especially relevant with bottleneck analyses. In most cases, problems with availability in the supply and production chain are highly complex and the consequences costly. By using the DANA platform, processes can be optimized in order to reduce costs and optimize the utilization of resources.