Online Seminar  /  December 14, 2021, 10:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. (UTC+1)

Invitation to online seminar »Trustworthy AI for Intelligent Traffic Systems«

This online seminar of Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS and Huawei Research Center Munich discusses current challenges of Intelligent Traffic Solutions (ITS) and highlights how these challenges could be addressed based on a joint research project of Fraunhofer IKS and Huawei Research Center Munich.

AI-enabled ITS offer the potential to greatly improve the efficiency of traffic flow in inner cities resulting in shorter travel times, increased fuel efficiency and reduction in harmful emissions. In order to adapt the signaling infrastructure based on a set of optimized algorithms, these systems make use of data, which is collected in real-time across different locations. Consequences of failures in such systems can range from increased congestion and the associated rise in traffic accidents to increased vehicle emissions over time. 

Therefore, this online seminar provides an overview of the results of consultations between safety, mobility and smart city experts to explore the consequences of the application of AI methods in Intelligent Traffic Systems. The consultations with these experts addressed the following questions and have been summarized in a whitepaper that will be distributed to all participants ahead of the online seminar:

  • How does the use of AI fundamentally change our understanding of safety and risk related to such systems?
  • Which challenges are introduced when using AI for decision making functions in Smart Cities and Intelligent Traffic Systems?
  • How should these challenges be addressed in future?

After providing insights into future challenges of the introduction AI into ITS in a trustworthy manner, we want to openly discuss additional perspectives on this topic with the participants of the online seminar.

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