Training  /  July 03, 2024

AI in Healthcare: From scientific theory to trustworthy practical applications of artifical intelligence

Digitalization in the healthcare sector and the increasing use of artificial intelligence promise great potential. AI can improve diagnostics and the patient journey, reduce the workload of specialist staff, speed up drug development and simplify administrative tasks.


Combining technical and scientific insights and practical examples from the healthcare sector, this training particually addresses the interface between AI and medicine. Our experience shows: The best discussions and insights usually arise from the exchange between the technical (IT) and professional (medical) perspectives:

  • Where and how can AI be usefully deployed in hospitals, health IT applications and other healthcare areas as of today? 
  • How can the trustworthiness, safety and verification of AI models be adequately taken into account using state-of-the-art approaches, from the idea to the actual application?
  • What are current limitations of AI in medicine, and how can these be addressed? 
  • How to deal with challenges such as "(too) little data"?

Target audience

This training is for anyone who wants to think AI and medicine together and understand the technical and scientific developments using practical examples. 


No prior knowledge of AI is required.