Dr.-Ing. Núria Mata

Department Head »Cognitive Software Systems Engineering« am Fraunhofer IKS

Dr.-Ing. Núria Mata, Department Head »Cognitive Software Systems Engineering« at Fraunhofer IKS
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Dr.-Ing. Núria Mata, Department Head »Cognitive Software Systems Engineering« at Fraunhofer IKS

»To me, Safe Intelligence is the design of cognitive systems that still work when they get into situations that were unpredictable at development time.«

Dr.-Ing. Núria Mata studied electrical engineering at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona) and has a PhD in computer science. After completing her PhD, she worked for 20 years at the automotive tool’s supplier ETAS GmbH (Bosch Group) as a software developer, product engineer and senior consultant, among other positions. She participated in a number of customer and technology projects of vehicle manufacturers and ECU suppliers in the field of embedded software and safety.

In October 2021, she joined Fraunhofer IKS as head of the new Cognitive Software Systems Engineering (CSE) department, focusing on the design and engineering of software-based open systems, which are able to perceive the environment, predict relevant upcoming changes and adapt the functionality to the context, while ensuring safety. Such systems shall still function when they encounter situations that were completely unpredictable at development time.


A selection of the most important publications written by Dr.-Ing. Núria Mata can be found here:

  • Arriola, M. Münzer, A. Geven, J. Pujol, H. Envall, J. Härri, N. Mata and R. Aigner. Safe4RAIL-2: Advanced architectures and components for the Next-Generation Train Control and Monitoring System, Proceedings of 8th Transport Research Arena TRA 2020, Helsinki, Finland, April 2020.
  • S. Kugele, D. Marmsoler, N. Mata und K. Werther. Verification of component architectures using mode-based contracts. MEMOCODE '16: Proceedings of the 14th ACM-IEEE International Conference on Formal Methods and Models for System Design, 133–142, November 2016.
  • Bauer, M. Broy, J. Romberg, B. Schätz, P. Braun, U. Freund, N. Mata, R. Sandner, P. Mai and D. Ziegenbein. Das AutoMoDe-Projekt: Modellbasierte Entwicklung softwareintensiver Systeme im Automobil. In Informatik Forsch. Entw. 22, 45–57, Springer-Verlag 2007.
  • Bauer, M. Broy, J. Romberg, B. Schätz, P. Braun, U. Freund, N. Mata, R. Sandner and D. Ziegenbein. AutoMoDe – Notations, Methods, and Tools for Model-Based Development of Automotive Software. In Proceedings of the SAE 2005 World Congress, Detroit, MI, April 2005.

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