»How do we achieve Fairness, Trust & Data Excellence?« – That is the motto of the »Digitale Welt Convention – DIGICON 2022«. Artificial Intelligence has remained a hot topic throughout all the years of hype around IOT, Industry 4.0, Blockchains and Quantum Computing. DIGICON aims to unveil this bright red topic in an easy-to-understand way to help companies enter the age of artificial intelligence at the right time.

On November 16, 2022, the »Digitale Welt Convention – DIGICON 2022« will take place in Munich. Prominent speakers from large corporations such as BMW, Google and Merck provide insights into artificial intelligence experiences in a variety of areas such as production, finance, logistics and pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Narges Ahmidi, Head of the Department of Reasoned AI Decisions of Fraunhofer IKS, will give a presentation on the topic »Reasoned AI Decisions«. The talk will revolve around the focus of her own research: credible AI, especially causal predictive models, credible decision support for both humans and AI, and validation indicators that meet expert expectations.