Online seminar  /  November 09, 2021, 17:00-18:15 Uhr

Challenges in the development of intelligent, autonomous systems

Digitalization is one of the megatrends. Especially in agriculture and the automotive sector, highly automated and autonomous systems are becoming increasingly important. Approaches based on modern information and communication technologies that digitize and automate applications in agriculture and the automotive sector are in demand.

For example, image-based processes in autonomous vehicles for recognizing plants, animals and people are becoming increasingly important. The focus here is particularly on networking and data exchange between vehicles and systems.

For the acceptance of these applications and thus their success, the security and reliability of the artificial intelligence used is essential. Since the challenges of the automotive and smart farming sectors are similar, the online seminar of the Fraunhofer-Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS sheds light on where potential for technology transfer lies and where the transfer reaches its limits.

The current developments and challenges that need to be solved with regard to automation in the field of agricultural machinery will be outlined by Prof. Dr. Peter Pickel from agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere in his presentation to kick off the online seminar.

Dr. Chih-Hong Cheng and Josef Jiru, scientists at Fraunhofer IKS, then build a bridge to technologies and findings from the automotive industry that can help solve these challenges.