Dr. Chih-Hong Cheng

Former Senior Scientist »Safety Assurance for AI« at Fraunhofer IKS

Dr. Chih-Hong Cheng, former Senior Scientist »Safety Assurance for AI« at Fraunhofer IKS
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Dr. Chih-Hong Cheng, former Senior Scientist »Safety Assurance for AI« at Fraunhofer IKS

»To me, Safe intelligence means that I can let my kids be exposed to AI technology and I can fully trust that the technology will not harm my kids in any way, physically or mentally.«

Dr. Chih-Hong Cheng is former Senior Scientist at the department of Safety Assurance for AI at Fraunhofer IKS. He is also an interim professor at the Technical University of Munich and an adjunct faculty at the Research Center for Information Technology Innovation (CITI), Academia Sinica (the national academy of Taiwan). His research interests include software engineering, formal methods, and AI/ML for trustworthy autonomy. Before joining Fraunhofer IKS, Dr. Cheng had research stints at fortiss, ABB, and DENSO.

Since initiating the topic on dependable AI for autonomous systems at Fraunhofer IKS, Dr. Cheng has established extensive research collaborations with leading companies in domains including industrial automation, railway, and automotive. Apart from his daily duties, he serves in various premier academic conferences as program committee members, and he is also an international expert (sub-team lead) for the ISO 8800 publicly available specification in safety and AI for automotive.

Dr. Cheng obtained his doctoral degree from the Technical University of Munich.


Dr. Chih-Hong Cheng is the author of numerous scientific publications. You can find an overview here:


Past events / 15.9.2022

»The role of AI in railway«

What is the current and future role of AI and ML in safety-critical systems in rail transport?

Dr. Chih-Hong Cheng talked about the potential of processing existing data and explain challenges at the research level.

Talk »From Running Demos to Safe Products - Research Challenges in AI Safety«


Past events / 9.11.2021

»From the road to the field«

How can technologies from the automotive sector be applied in the smart farming sector? This question was answered in an online seminar organized by Fraunhofer IKS in cooperation with John Deere. Dr. Chih-Hong Cheng bridged the gap to technologies and insights from the automotive sector that can help solve these challenges.

Safety Engineering

The electronics inside vehicles and machinery are growing increasingly complex. It takes more advanced safety mechanisms to tame this complexity. This is why safety engineering is a focal point of research at Fraunhofer IKS.

Personal website

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