Dr. Gereon Weiß

Head of Department »Automation Systems« at Fraunhofer IKS

Dr. Gereon Weiß, Head of Department »Self-Adaptive Systems« at Fraunhofer IKS
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Dr. Gereon Weiß, Head of Department »Self-Adaptive Systems« at Fraunhofer IKS

»To me, Safe Intelligence means that systems and software architectures can adapt flexibly, autonomously and reliably to changes and different situations.«

Dr. Gereon Weiß leads the department »Automation Systems« at the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS and has been working as an expert in applied research of software-intensive systems for many years.

He studied computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Afterwards, he worked in various leading positions within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. In parallel, he did his PhD at the University of Augsburg on the topic of  »Design of Self-Adaptation in Distributed Embedded Systems«.

His research focus is how software-intensive systems can become more adaptive and intelligent without reducing the necessary safety and quality requirements. To this end, he actively participates in the research field as a member of various program committees of international conferences, journals, and workshops. He has already been able to bring his research results to real-world applications in many research and industrial contexts, ranging from intelligent vehicle software architectures and adaptive industrial automation to mobile autonomous robots and transportation systems.

Projects by Dr. Gereon Weiß

Research and industry are increasingly looking at self-adaptive systems. This is where Dr. Gereon Weiß and his colleagues at Fraunhofer IKS come in.


Continental and Fraunhofer IKS make autonomous vehicles safer

With this in mind, the goal of the joint project between Continental AG and Fraunhofer IKS was to dynamically distribute the individual functions within the vehicle architecture. A flexible architecture also makes it possible to more quickly implement updates or new functions. 


safe.trAIn: Safe AI for driverless trains

The safe.trAIn project was launched with the intention of establishing the groundwork for using AI safely in driverless rail vehicles to make regional rail transport more efficient and sustainable. Unlike existing driverless rail transport, used exclusively in closed and controlled environments, regional transport represents a more open environment where obstacles such as people on the track or fallen trees must be detected safely and reliably.


Simple AI integration for Industry 4.0

As part of Industry 4.0, industrial companies aim to achieve the most efficient, flexible and networked manufacturing possible – and are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) to do so. Using AI, however, requires high-quality and ideally dynamic machine data.


Adaptive Software

To ensure your embedded systems adapt in real time and that you can subsequently expand systems that have already been purchased, Fraunhofer IKS offers you Adaptive Software.

Blog articles by and about Dr. Gereon Weiß

On our blog, you will find numerous articles by our colleagues about the research topics of the Fraunhofer IKS. Here are the blog articles by and about Dr. Gereon Weiß:


Industry 4.0 / 17.7.2023

On the way to Industry 5.0

Industrial production is undergoing radical change. With constant technological advancement and societal change, industrial automation must also reinvent itself to meet changing requirements and challenges – with the keyword here being adaptive production.


Award / 9.12.2021

EAI IC4S: Fraunhofer IKS wins Best Paper Award

The EAI IC4S international conference has awarded the prize for the best paper to Fraunhofer IKS. The topic of the paper is a concept for safe and efficient collaboration between autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and people in shared areas.


Transfer infrastructure / 19.3.2021

High-performance center brings boost to Munich region

High-performance centers pool together the expertise of Fraunhofer Institutes at a regional level and reinforce this know-how through collaboration with additional university and non-university research organizations. In Munich, the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS is a partner in the High-Performance Center Secure Intelligent Systems LZSiS.


Auszeichnung / 27.2.2020

Safe AI 2020: Best Paper Award für das Fraunhofer IKS

Auszeichnung für vier Forscher des Fraunhofer-Instituts für Kognitive Systeme IKS: Ihr Beitrag zur Messung von Uncertainties in Deep Neural Networks hat den Best Paper Award des Workshops SafeAI 2020 in New York gewonnen. Verliehen wurde der Preis vom anwesenden Fachpublikum.