Virtual  /  October 26, 2020  -  October 29, 2020

#WeKnowSolutions: New approaches for validating artificial intelligence in automated vehicles

Presentation at the topic day mobility

By combining Artificial Intelligence and modern high-performance hardware, previously unknown tasks can be solved. This opens up new opportunities for companies by enabling them to create and offer new products and applications with additional AI-based functions. These include, for example, solutions from the fields of industry 4.0, medical technology or autonomous driving.

However, AI-based products can only be successful in the market if the safe and correct behavior of the artificial intelligence can be guaranteed. In addition, AI solution providers must ensure that the AI makes reliable decisions to secure customer confidence in their solutions.

In his talk at the digital Fraunhofer Solution Days on October 29 Philipp Schleiss will present the “four-plus-one safety architecture” developed by Fraunhofer IKS. It helps companies to holistically validate their autonomous AI-based systems. The new method combines different components of AI safety into a multi-level approach.

Philipp Schleiss will explain the four-plus-one safety architecture using a concrete application example: image detection in automated vehicles and traffic systems. He will focus on the validation of convolutional neural networks (CNN) and also address previously unsolved challenges in the area of Safe AI.


Talk at the Frauhofer Solution Days
Philipp Schleiß
"New approaches for validating artificial intelligence in automated vehicles"
October 29, 2020, 11:00 a.m.
The presentation will also be accessible on-demand after the event.

Fraunhofer Solution Days: the digital Fraunhofer event in fall 2020

The presentation will take place on the topic day “The mobility economy – a driving force for tomorrow” of the Fraunhofer Solution Days on October 29. The digital event of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft will address four topics with high relevance for the power of innovation in Germany and Europe, including systems and mechanical engineering (October 26), digital economy (October 27) and health economy (October 28).

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