Fraunhofer ESK at the ITS 2018 World Congress

Dependable communication improves autonomous vehicle systems

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Dependable communication between vehicles is a basic prerequisite for connected and automated driving. To address this issue, Fraunhofer ESK developed a leading-edge approach: Quality of Service monitoring and prediction that makes wireless vehicle-to-vehicle communication foreseeable, and thus dependable. Fraunhofer ESK will introduce its approach during the 2018 ITS World Congress in Copenhagen from September 17 to 21 (hall C3, exhibit booth 054).

Wireless communication quality can fluctuate to a great degree, especially in highlydynamic environments such as road traffic. In the past, creating a predictable and dependable communication structure was a challenging task. And it’s precisely here that Fraunhofer ESK is focusing its solution. The institute’s Quality of Service monitoring system continuously tracks not only communication between the vehicles, but important environment parameters such as the surrounding environmental conditions. The approach furthermore relies on machine learning algorithms to predict the quality of the communication network over the next few seconds or minutes depending on the situation. The system then reacts and makes timely adjustments to the new conditions.

Quality of Service prediction with platooning

One potential application scenario is platooning, in which several semi-trailer trucks travel in close intervals in order to reduce fuel consumption and improve the traffic flow. To date however, it’s been necessary to maintain larger, more rigid safety intervals between the vehicles. The solution from Fraunhofer ESK monitors the communication flow of all common adhoc and wireless technologies such as 802.11p, LTE and when available, 5G, and predicts the reliability of the connections over the next few seconds. In case of insufficient quality, a more dependable communication technology is selected or the driving interval between the vehicles is increased as a preventive measure. The solution from ESK thus provides developers additional leeway when implementing safety-critical connected applications such as platooning and lane merging assistants, as well as with automated guided vehicles.

Dependable hybrid Car2X communication

Fraunhofer ESK will introduce its new approach at the 2018 ITS World Congress in Copenhagen from September 17 to 21 (hall C3, exhibit booth 054). Using two model vehicles, the research institute will demonstrate how dependable hybrid Car2X communication works based on Quality of Service monitoring and prediction. A video explaining the approach will be shown at the exhibit booth. The video can also be viewed online in the near future: